McDonald’s Happy Mascot Scaring Some Folks


San Bernardino, California – Move over Hamburglar because the world’s largest fast food hamburger chain has launched a new mascot. Unlike the burger thief, this one promotes public health by encouraging people to eat healthy. The new mascot is called Happy and is an animated red happy meal box with longs arms, short legs, eyes and a gaping big mouth on the front. It’s simple enough, and while it doesn’t have the flair of the restaurant’s other mascots from years past, it works.

However, some patrons disagree. Some find the appearance of the happy meal character frightful. One person tweeted that they would not be able to get any rest because of the fright the character gave them. Another person invoked their personal relationship with God and stated the divine creator was displeased with the character.

McDonald’s broke the news about Happy joining the team just yesterday. While some are critical of Happy’s simplicity, they would be amiss if they made the judgment call that McDonald’s has not vetted Happy. He’s been around in pilot programs in France and Latin America since 2009. It’s only now that Happy is getting his official US roll out amid great fanfare. It is expected that by Friday, he’ll be visible in stores across the Unites States.

McDonald’s currently operates 35,000 locations with gross annual revenue of $27.5 billion of which $5.5 billion is profit. While burgers and fries are their bread and butter, they have added other successful product lines in recent years with lattes, quality coffee, fruit smoothies, gourmet burgers with quality ingredients, and now more healthy choices. Their dominance in the area of fast food breakfasts is being challenged as of late by a resurgent Taco Bell. Taco Bell’s latest ad campaign features real life people named Ronald McDonald to pitch their alternative breakfast meals.

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