At least seven people killed in bus accident


At least seven people were killed and dozens wounded in an accident on Thursday on Interstate 40 in New Mexico involving a Greyhound company bus bound for Los Angeles and a truck. of cargo.

“We hope that number will increase,” New Mexico State Police spokesman Ray Wilson said Thursday night in an update to a preliminary data that reported four deaths.

In a statement, New Mexico state police said the identities of the deceased will not be revealed until their family members are notified.

The authorities indicate that the preliminary information indicates that a tire exploded from the trailer would be the main cause of the crash.

“Many passengers on the bus were transported with serious injuries, the exact number of injured is still being investigated,” the New Mexico Police reported through their Twitter account.

Police say the truck was heading east when one of its tires exploded and the vehicle went in the other direction, where it was hit by the Greyhound bus in which 49 passengers were traveling, according to the transport company.

A total of 42 people were transported to local hospitals and the other six were treated for minor injuries at the scene, according to local broadcaster ABC7. That figure has not yet been confirmed by the authorities.

A motorcyclist who was on the scene described what happened as chaotic, because according to his story there were passengers on the ground, people were shouting and there were fragments of vehicles all over the highway.

Route 1333 of the Greyhound company had departed Wednesday morning from St. Louis, Missouri, and was traveling on Interstate 40 in New Mexico bound for the Arizona border. After Phoenix, his next stop was San Bernardino, California, and his final destination was downtown Los Angeles.

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