Missouri Attacks California Egg Law


A new law destined to be enforced in California in 2019 has been declared unconstitutional by the Attorney General of Missouri, who will fight its implementation in the Californian courts of Fresno. The new regulations require all egg producers to guarantee their hens have the space to move freely before their eggs can be sold in the US state of California.

Officials from Missouri, which is a major producer of eggs for California claim the law oversteps the Commerce Clause oft he US Constitution, which does not allow states to enforce their trade rules across state lines. Because of this apparent breach of US law the Missouri Attorney General will challenge the legality of the law in a Californian district court.

Currently, each egg producing chicken in the US is guaranteed 67 inches of floor space, but the Californian law simply states the freedom to move is required for all hens producing eggs sold in the state. Although no specific amount of space has been designated, Missouri officials fear their chicken farmers will be required to purchase new cages or reduce the size of their flocks. Californian animal rights campaigners have claimed chickens laying eggs in battery style cages increase the risk of salmonella being found in eggs.

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