Uninsured Kids in America

Texas Ranks at Top with Highest Number of Uninsured Kids in America


Even with the economic boost and achievements of the ruling Republican party, Texas seems to have failed in keeping count of the number of uninsured kids that reside in the Lone Star city.

Reports state that since 2017, Texas has come up as the state with the highest number of kids without a health insurance plan pointing to the impairment of the Affordable Care Act as the main factor.

A new study reported that even though Texas has always maintained a standard level on health matters, it has not been able to handle more than 20 percent of uninsured kids that have steadily increased from 9.8 percent in 2016 to 10.7 percent in 2017 and still on the rise. It also states that there is no particular group or race as the problem prevails among all races and people living in Texas.

Even with the sabotage conspiracy rolling on, the Trump administration is being blamed for shortening the insurance sign-up plan, and telling the parents that their kid’s insurance plan could end soon due to amendments in the law and the scrapping of the Obama Care plan.

Another driving point to consider is the high rate of undocumented immigrants living in Texas. Most uninsured kids are children of immigrant parents or guardians that aren’t recognized by law or entitled to government benefits and have refused to sign up for fear of being deported to their countries of origin.

Adriana Kohler, senior health policy associate with the advocacy group Texans care for Children suggests, all kids should be allowed to sign up and stay on Medicaid for a year rather than having them renew their plan every six months.

Secondly, he also suggested that the health coverage for adults be extended so that kids whose parents are insured will have coverage too.

The fallout with the Obama Care insurance care resulted in over one million kids becoming uninsured, and although Texas is not big on health changes, officials and advocacy groups are hopeful that with the ACA and CHIP more kids will be insured and cared under the health law.

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