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Middle East is No Place for US troops, Says Top Military Boss in Iran

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Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi, a top military boss in Iran, said on Thursday that the Middle East isn’t for the US. “The region,” said the aide to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, “belongs to us.” Safavi reiterated that America’s military campaigns in the Middle East have caused heavy loss of lives, pointing to the deaths of soldiers from US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Safavi was echoing President Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from Syria earlier this week. Trump’s sudden decision caused furor in the White House and the Pentagon, for none of the top officials were in the know before the President made the announcement. On December 23, Trump tweeted the “slow and highly coordinated” withdrawal of US troops from Syria.

In the ongoing fight in Syria, 61 US soldiers have died so far. The fight was waged against the ISIS in 2014. The Iraq War that lasted from 2003-2011, claimed 4,497 members of the US troops. And in the war in Afghanistan that was launched by America in 2001, and is still going on, 2,216 soldiers have been martyred.

Major Safavi mentioned Iran, China, Russia and India as the emerging powers that will change the world. He said the modern Iranian-Islamic culture and civilization do not support American liberalism. He spoke how Iran’s influence has reached the Mediterranean, and informed that the country is keen on turning such connect into wealth by using digital arts.

Referring to the remarks made by the US president earlier this year, Ayatollah Khamenei commented that Trump acknowledged that USA’s $7-trillion spending in the Middle East has gone futile, which proves that the country has failed in the region.

The Leader expressed, “This confession proves that the Great Satan (the US) has not achieved its goals despite all its efforts, and henceforth, however much they spend in this region, once again, they will not be able to reach their goals.”

After the Syria decision, the President and First Lady Melania Trump went to the Al Asad Air Base in Iraq unannounced this week, and met members of the US troops. This was Trump’s first visit to a war zone since he became the President in 2016.

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