Atiku Abubakar USA visa

Why did USA issue a visa for Atiku Abubakar despite corruption charges?


One wonders why Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party, was issued an American visa, in spite of the Nigerian government advising that there are ongoing fraud charges against him.

It could be that, evidence was still being collected by the government of Nigeria and investigations are still on. No matter what, Abubakar is in the United States, and nobody knows when he will be back in Nigeria.

Why was Abubakar welcomed in the United States?

American visas are difficult to obtain. Ordinary citizens undergo huge scrutiny before obtaining a visa and entry into USA. It is interesting that a Nigerian presidential candidate, who has substantial amount of money in his bank account, with a strong possibility it is there through corruption, should be welcomed.

Government sources had advised the United States against issuing a visa for Abubakar. They did not give instructions not to issue him a visa, for that is not their prerogative, because the decision lies with the American government. As more evidence mounts against Abubakar with a paper trail highlighting the unusual and suspicious deposit into his account, it is surprising why the American government did issue the visa.

An investigation can take place at any time!

The Nigerian government has said that while this alleged corruption may have taken place a while ago, there is no time limit on when a crime can be investigated. They are treating this as a crime, and assure the public that it is not backed by any political move. They also stated that they have clear evidence against Abubakar, the former Nigerian Vice President, and are ready to present it.

Abubakar may be in the United States, but he has to have come home to Nigeria and answer questions about his N156-million slush fund, which is linked to the collapse of the Bank PHB. It is not yet clear whether he will cooperate with the police or the Department of State Services and to an Economic and Financial Crime Commission.

Nigeria is clear that they have a case and that Abubakar will answer the questions. Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, said that the paperwork they have is clear proof of Abubakar’s role in the downfall of Bank PHB.

In reply, Abubakar has said he will be available for such questioning. He is adamant that he has nothing to hide and that the Nigerian government is making a huge political play. He asserts he is, and always has been a law-abiding citizen, and that it is clear how the Nigerian government is grasping at straws to discredit him.

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