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Kamala Harris Says Medicare for All is Not an Option


If there is one thing that Americans are sensitive about, it is their healthcare and how they manage their health insurance.

Democratic senator Kamala Harris may have just put her foot in it when talking about ‘Medicare for All’. The plan is being sponsored by Kamala Harris and Bernie Sandra together. When asked by CNN if the initiative means that private health insurance is eliminated completely, Harris answered in affirmative.

Response to Kamala Harris is fast and furious

The reaction was quick, but the response was negative. Eliminating private health insurance is seen as extreme and Harris could lose a lot of voters. Harris has since said that she would be open to more moderate health plans, such as those being looked at by other members of Congress.

Harris was interviewed in Des Moines by CNN, just 72 hours into her campaign. She is already flip-flopping over what her healthcare proposals are, and why.  Americans do not want their healthcare plans taken away from them. While Harris says she is not taking anything away, clearly a lot more thought needs to go into her statements, as to how her ideas on healthcare will affect the people.

If the Democrats want to offer a healthcare plan that works and achieve universal coverage, a Medicaid or Medicare for More People, the Democrats are going to take the Bernie Sanders route. Under the legislation proposed by Sanders, Americans, who are currently covered by private insurance, would get insured through a new Medicare with no premiums or deductibles, more medical benefits, and dental coverage. This bill was co-sponsored by Harris, together with other Democratic hopefuls, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Cory Booker.

Those who support single-payer Medicare, feel that the entire system of financing healthcare needs to be changed. America spends more money on a single patient than any other country, and delivers cost-effective care, but many cannot afford to have medical aid.

Kamala Harris is trying to put forward a Medicare for all plans, but these lack far-reaching impact. The wealthy are always going to be unhappy; the poor are always going to struggle. A balance needs to be found.

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