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“Say No! to US interference” Nicolas Maduro Solicits for 10 Million Signatures


Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro has announced his plan to fight against the United States’ interference in the internal affairs of his country by seeking ten million signatures to support his fight against any form of invasion or external interference.

In a statement on his official Twitter handle, Maduro wrote “I thank people that came to Bolivar Suqare in Venezuela to sign a petition and speak against the interference of the US empire into the affairs of our Motherland. This is a wonderful manifestation of love and consciousness. We are going to collect 10 million signatures for peace!”

Venezuelan National Assembly Speaker Juan Guaido had on January 23 proclaimed himself as the country’s acting president. Nicolas Maduro has described Guaido’s action as a coup attempt on his government and had since announced a severing diplomatic relation with the United States after they aired their support for Guaido.

The Lima group countries, with the exclusion of Mexico, together with Albania, Georgia, the United States of America and the organization of American States have all recognized Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela.

Several European Union countries, while coming forward with support for the Venezuelan parliament, have expressed hope for the crisis resolution through fresh elections.

While China and Belarus called for a peaceful resolution to the crisis, they stood against any form of interference from outside of the country. Russia, backed by Bolivia, Cuba, Iran, El Salvador and Turkey, has shown support for Nicolas Maduro.

Amidst the division in the country’s political crisis, the United Nations Secretary General has called for dialogue to resolve the heated crisis in the country.

Eleven out of the 14 countries of the Lima Group have called on the military of Venezuela to show loyalty and support for Guaido. Whereas, Mexico, Guyana and Saint Lucia stood against the decision. During a meeting of the members of the Lima Group in Canada, the group called for a peaceful transfer of power in Venezuela.

President Donald Trump has not ruled out plans to deploy American troops to Venezuela to help oust the sitting president, Nicolas Maduro. In response, Maduro called on citizens and his supporters to oppose Trump’s threat of using military force in his favor. Maduro in his statement said that “since next Wednesday signatures will start being collected throughout the country, which will be handed over to the White House to repel these threats.” This procedure, he added will take place “at each Bolivar’s square, in each barrack, at each school and plant.” He insisted that Venezuela needs peace and freedom and not US intervention in their internal affairs.

Guaido and his supporters are bringing medicine and food into the country. Guaido has said that there will be three centers set up for receiving humanitarian assistance, claiming that the first phase will see more than a quarter of a million people receiving aid.

Nicolas Maduro has since condemned such efforts from his opposition. “Venezuela should not be given false promises [with] the so-called humanitarian assistance. Venezuela should be encouraged for work, production and economic growth,” Maduro said.

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