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Presidential Elections 2020: More Women Candidates than Ever, Huge Blow to Trump


Trump has angered millions of women, not just around the USA, but around the world. His comments about women, his disdain for them and the way he treats them, are all returning to haunt him, in the form of nominations for the presidential elections. So far, there are five female officeholders who are vying for the Democratic presidential nomination, the list might extend in the near future.

Trump’s sexist remarks on women have always received backlash. Trump’s treatment of Hillary Clinton has angered women globally.

This weekend Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren formally announced her presidential campaign. Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar, Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Democratic Senator Kamala Harris and Republican Senator Tulsi Gabbard have all entered the race for the presidential elections.

These five women are making history. It is a groundbreaking moment for women. And it is also a coming together of political forces that Trump and his anti-women Republican followers, have created.

Each woman, while announcing her candidacy, mentioned Trump’s ethics, or lack thereof. Some were more direct than others. His style of presidency has been questioned, and the way he is tearing apart the American society is being discussed openly.  Women have been marginalized, together with other minorities, and it is clear.

In a recent survey, when asked if Donald Trump’s treatment of women bothered them, 70 percent of the voters answered yes. This is huge, given that so many women voted for Trump in the last presidential elections. Men and women have wizened up.  Everyone has noticed Trump’s blatant and unfair attacks on women.

Trump has been called names. He has been called sexist, misogynist, bigoted, prejudiced and a pig. His support is dwindling. His attacks on the press have not gone unnoticed. And his fear mongering is being called out.

Of course, Trump still has some support. But his ratings are low and though he may be a big deal on Twitter, in real life his support is dwindling.

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