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Trump Desperate to Build Border Wall, Prepared to Say Anything!


President Donald Trump is determined to build border wall between America and Mexico, even though support is dwindling every single day. As his supporters lessen, he is trying to convince people that there is no option.

According to Trump, he has to have a border wall, in order to save America. Trump, after a disastrous few weeks, has now resumed talks about the border wall with his old campaign rallies. He has promised to build the wall, which may well be the only way he would get a second term in the presidency.

Recently, Trump held a campaign rally in El Paso, Texas. He is definitely weaker than he has been for a while, with the past and shocking government shutdown and another one reportedly coming up soon. Thousands of Americans were not paid during the shutdown and the onus is squarely on the president’s shoulders. It was his shutdown, he refused to negotiate, and it was on his terms, which have been proved to be disastrous.

Trump has changed his demands substantially. Earlier, Mexico was going to pay for the border wall. Then taxpayers came in. Now, the wall appears to be slatted along the border, combined with natural brush. And Trump is seeking enormous federal funding to pay for his wall.

It is important to note that the federal funding he is asking for would not pay for even 200 miles of wall.

Trump has tried to bully his way into building his wall and he continues to do so. He is now threatening to use his executive powers to tap into federal funds, meaning he would need to declare a national emergency. Though this would immediately bring up legal challenges, even some of Trump’s aides think he could be successful. The president is determined to get what he wants and determined to hold on to his voters and therefore his power.

He thinks he can do it by the border wall. Reports of huge caravans of people at the border are enormously exaggerated by the Trump administration. They are playing on people’s fears and have been doing this, since the first campaign trail.

One can only hope that the Trump supporters are done waiting for him to build the wall. Perhaps they have noticed a lot of talks and no action. Or perhaps he will do everything while allowing Americans to tumble at the same time.

The border debate has taken up a large part of the Presidency and not everyone in Trump’s party wants the wall. Trump was forced to surrender the shutdown fight after people in his own party broke ranks regarding the funding of the border wall.

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