Trump's involvement in Yemeni War

US’ Support for Saudi in Yemeni War to End Soon

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The US House of Representatives has approved a resolution that will force President Trump to withdraw American troops involved in Yemeni War. This is a direct rebuke to Trump’s alliance with the Saudi-led coalition.

Yemen is undergoing a humanitarian crisis on a massive scale and lawmakers are feeling uneasy and uncomfortable with the US partnership with Saudi Arabia. This was made worse when the Saudis killed Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, a fierce critic of the Saudi Royal Family.

Trump hedged his bets, not wanting to take the Saudis to the task. But the House voted 248-177, in favor of the measure, and the resolution now gets sent to the Senate for the final approval.

As per Democrat Barbara Lee, she has called the American involvement in Yemeni Warshameful.

Congress is reclaiming its role in foreign policy by adopting this resolution. The veto, Trump’s first, is setting the stage for showdown within the administration.

While Trump has said that he would like to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan, with no clear plan for such a withdrawal, he has not shown any interest in getting American troops out of Yemen. According to the White House, American troops in Yemen are not involved in combat in the country. Yet it is clear that the US has provided support to the Saudi led coalition.

The deal, though not yet sealed, shows the resolve of the House, and the Senate, to send a message to the parties involved – Saudi Arabia in particular – to end the conflict. Children are starving and thousands of innocent civilians have died due to the on-going Yemeni War. The war has been brutal and as per Democrat Eliot Engel, the United States has the power and the ability to end the crisis.

Trump has been reluctant to interfere but with this veto, may have no choice. Through this veto, the Saudis may well be forced to sit down and negate the Houthis and Iran. Trump has been rebuked on his stance on Yemen before and now that Republicans are voting with the House, he may have to finally take a stand.

Nobody has been bought to book yet for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi in the Turkish embassy in Saudi Arabia, even with all the video footage and recordings. Perhaps this resolution by the House of Representatives will finally bring some closure.

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