Trump Asks EU to Take Back ISIS Fighters Captured in Syria


The end of the war in Syria is nigh and as President Donald Trump claims that the caliphate is no more, he has urged the EU to take back their 800 ISIS fighters captured in the country and put them on trial.

It is not just about the 800 ISIS fighters. For many, they have families in Syria now, wives and children. There are added complications such as the one London schoolgirl, who left London in 2015 to join ISIS. She was found in the al-Hawl refugee camp last week, pregnant, and it is now rumored that she has given birth.

What will be the fate of her and her baby’s? Citizens of the EU are divided. Many do not want these people to come back home.

Trump has said the EU must take these ISIS fighters back and conduct a process of proper trial and prosecution. This comes as a debate between politicians and the army continues – how to handle Trump’s unilateral decision to withdraw 2000 US troops from Syria.

Politicians and the army are embroiled in intense discussions and debate over Trump’s shocking announcement that he wants to bring home the 2000 US troops.

The President has announced that the Caliphate is close to the end. There can be no more ISIS without territory and without new recruits.

While France has said they are planning to bring home their former jihadists, the United Kingdom remains in limbo. Some of their fighters are being held by the west Syrian Kurd allies and they seek counselor help in Turkey. There is also a debate over the family of such jihadists. What to do with the wives and children, some of them babies, of such jihadists. Can they be incorporated back into the normal English society?

Trump made the shocking announcement a few weeks ago, his desire to bring home his troops. While everyone wants to see the US soldiers come home, the military understands the need for a proper plan. After such a disastrous war, it is clear that the end of ISIS does not mean the end of troubles. Syria is going to need financial help and practical support to get back on its feet.

The Gulf States think that this practical support could be led by the Kurds, as long as it is under the umbrella of a UN political process. The Gulf States believe that, along with the UK, they will have to pick up the eventual cost of Syria’s reconstruction on the basis that Syria, Russia and Iran will not be able to afford such a huge bill.

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