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US Women’s Soccer Team Demands Equal Pay


Last Week, the whole squad of 28 players of US Women’s national soccer team filed a lawsuit, asking for equal pay, against the United States Soccer Federation in sports.

The athletes, including Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe and Carli Lloyd, have expressed issues not only on the ground, but also on the way they have been traveling to play, along with Medicare and coaching facilities they have.

Rapinoe told the New York Times on Friday, “We’ve always, dating back to forever, been a team that stood up for itself and fought hard for what it felt it deserved and tried to leave the game in a better place.”

The Women’s Soccer team has a record of winning three World Cup championships and four Olympic gold medals which makes it the greatest women’s soccer team in the world.

The issue of pay inequality is not only an issue in soccer, but in every sport around the world. In the past, many players from different sports, including Tennis, W.N.B.A and U.S.A Hockey, have raised their voice for equal pay in terms of salary and prize money.

In Tennis, the concern for equal pay was first raised in 1970 by Billie Jean King. The issue has been raised time and again in various other titles like the Australian Open and other Grand Slam tournaments, with change taking place only in 1973 in US Open, in 2001 in Australian Open, in 2006 in French Open and in Wimbledon, the change occurred in 2007.

Similarly in W.N.B.A, the players face a huge issue of unequal pay even though it has been pointed that W.N.B.A is not the multibillion dollar industry as N.B.A. is. However, the pay difference between the players is huge, as the W.N.B.A players are getting a maximum of $110,000 and a minimum of $50,000. While the minimum salary for an N.B.A player is $580,000.

The same occurred in U.S.A Hockey in 2017, when the national hockey team said they would not take part in the upcoming championship until the issue of equal pay is addressed and resolved. Following the stern stance by the team, the sports authorities were quick in their actions and addressed the issue within a couple of days.

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