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Will Trump find Common Ground with Putin to Resolve Venezuelan Crisis?

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President Donald Trump is ready to discuss the Venezuelan crisis with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as reported by Reuters. Seeing the adverse effects of the crisis on the people, it has become a matter of priority to find its resolution at the earliest.

Trump told the reporters present at his estate in Florida, that “We will probably be talking at some point. I’ll be talking to a lot of people – perhaps President Putin, perhaps President Xi of China.”

This decision has been taken after a photograph of around 100 Russian army personnel leaving the plane at the Caracas airport became public. The army had arrived on March 23, in two planes along with 35 tons of equipments.

John Bolton, the national security adviser of Trump, believes that the presence of the foreign military in a country going through an economic and a political crisis can be a threat to the Latin America region.

The result of the Venezuelan 2018 presidential elections, in which Nicolas Maduro got re-elected, was disputed due to the irregularities during the elections which caused the Venezuelan Crisis.

Juan Guaido, opposition leader, is being supported by almost 65 countries including the US, and has now become the interim president of Venezuela.

Two consecutive blackouts in a month worsened the current situation of Venezuela. The first blackout which lasted for around seven days increased the crisis of food, water, and medicines in the country.

The second blackout which occurred two weeks later in almost 16 states of the country, affected the country for two days. Along with various services impacted earlier, it effected communications as well.

Had the discussion taken place earlier, the inconvenience faced by the Venezuelan citizens, including the death of 126 people, could have been easily avoided. Hopefully President Trump can find some common ground in his discussion with Putin to resolve the Venezuelan crisis.

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