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Dumbo Ranks First at Box Office with Unexpectedly Low Opening


Disney’s Dumbo – a work of Tim Burton, an American filmmaker, artist, writer, and animator – failed to impress the domestic box office.

The movie is a live-action remake of the 1941 cartoon. The synopsis of the movie has a young circus elephant named “Dumbo”. In the movie, he is seen to be dressed like a clown and performs dangerous stunts. However, his life changes when he discovers that his huge ears enabled him to fly. Everyone in the circus remains stunned with his new talent.

Unlike the recent live-action remakes of Disney classics, including “Beauty and the Beast”, which debuted with $174 million in 2017 and “The Jungle Book”, which debuted with $103 million in 2016 and “Cinderella”, which launched with $67 million in 2015; Dumbo debuted with $45 million in the North American theatres. It carried a $170 million production budget and will have to resonate overseas if it does not find a domestic audience. When launched in most foreign territories, it collected an amount of $71 million, thereby leading a global start of $116 million.

Dumbo had the best start in China with $10.7 million, followed by the UK and Mexico with $7.4 million and $7.1 million respectively. It is the first out of three remakes from Disney that are expected to release this year. The other movies are Guy Richie’s “Aladdin” and Jon Favreau’s “The Lion King”. These movies along with “Avengers: Endgame”, are expected to bring in a good result if Dumbo fails to connect with the audience.

However, moviegoers awarded Dumbo an A-Cinema score, which refers to a positive response from the audience. In addition, it holds a percentage of 50 on Rotten Tomatoes, which is an American review-aggregation website for films and television.

With Dumbo on the first place, Universal’s “Us”, written and directed by Jordan Peele, bagged the second position. Us had a production cost of $20 million and it surpassed $128 million in ticket sales in North America alone.

Disney’s “Captain Marvel” added another $20 million in its third week of release. In addition, “Unplanned”, which was produced at the cost of $6 million, is at fourth place battling with “Five Feet Apart”. Both the plays earned roughly $6 million this weekend. Matthew McConaughey, another American actor and producer had a rough start in 2019 as he worked as a lead role in “The Beach Bum”, which flopped with $1.8 million from 1,100 screens.

Even though, the new live action Dumbo had a good global start, some criticized it for not being better than the original movie while others gave positive reviews saying that the movie has some undeniably magical moments.

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