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At Last Maduro Accepts Red Cross Aid, Blames US for Current Venezuela Crisis


To resolve the ongoing Venezuela crisis, President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday announced that he has made a deal with the Red Cross to bring humanitarian aid into the country.

The aid, including food, medicine and basics amenities like soap and toilet paper, is finally being provided to the once self-sustaining country, in order to end the crisis experienced by Venezuelans.

When Juan Guaido, interim president, tried to lead the tide by bringing aid in the country from Colombia, Brazil and the island of Curacao, Maduro ordered the army to block the aid which led to the crisis. Maduro denied the aid, since he believed that accepting foreign help would bring US interference in the country.

Maduro still blames the US for interfering and the current crisis in the country. However, Guaido blames the incompetence and corruption of the government for the ongoing Venezuela crisis.

As per the United Nations internal report last month, around seven million people in Venezuela are in a dire need of humanitarian aid. The UN estimated that around 3.7 million Venezuelans are malnourished and 22 percent children, below the age of five years, suffer from chronic malnourishment.

Excluding the food and medicine crisis, Venezuela is now also burdened with hyperinflation which is estimated at 10 million percent this year. The inflation has made the income of people nothing but worthless.

US Vice President, Mike Pence, has requested the UN to consider Guaido as the legal and valid President of Venezuela, telling the Security Council: “Nicolas Maduro must go”.

Pence informed the council that they will provide a blueprint of the UN resolution which focuses on acknowledging Guaido as the leader, annulling the credentials of Maduro’s representative at the UN and designating Guaido’s representative as the ambassador to the world body.

He said, “The time has come for the United Nations to recognize interim president Juan Guaido as the legitimate president of Venezuela and seat his representative in this body.”

Maduro has reverted to Pence on the revoking his UN’s representative credentials in a broadcast saying, previously as well Pence with his appeal has been “making a fool of himself in the United Nations Security Council”.

Maduro said, “I cannot understand his arrogance and self-importance, his racial supremacism.”

With the ongoing crisis, the UN’s intervention is needed so that the current Venezuela crisis gets better rather than worsening. A stable government creation, either by fair re-elections or negotiations between both the leaders, is needed to maintain stability in law, inflation, jobs, and basic rights of the citizens.

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