Alan Garcia

To Avoid Arrest, Former Peru President Alan Garcia Shoots Himself


Alan Garcia, former president of Peru, died after shooting himself on the head in his bedroom. The incident occurred when the police tried to detain him early Wednesday morning. He served as the president of the country from 1985 to 1990 and again from 2006 to 2011.

Martin Vizcarra, current president of Peru, confirmed his death while expressing sympathy on Twitter.

Alan Garcia was being investigated on the money laundering and bribery charges for Brazilian construction company Odebrecht. However, Garcia always denied his role in the corruption transgression, which has targeted other former Latin-American presidents as well.

Garcia was accused of receiving illegal compensation during the construction of an electric train for the Lima metro while serving as the president for the second time.

On Tuesday, he posted his last tweet, saying there was “no shred of evidence” against him, accusing Peruvian prosecutors of “SPECULATION”.

After a judge restricted him from leaving the country for 18 months, he requested the Uruguayan embassy for immunity In November last year. The Uruguayan government dismissed his request in December.

Interior Minister Carlos Morán told CNN that when the police officers arrived at his house with an arrest warrant at 06:30 in the morning, he went inside his bedroom to make a phone call to his lawyer.

Couple of minutes later, the officers heard a gunshot and found him sitting on a chair with a bullet wound to his head.

Before he died from a self inflicted wound, health minister, Zulema Tomás told the reporters that the police took him to the hospital in Lima, where he died despite being revived from three heart attacks.

Prior to his death, Garcia’s lawyer Erasmo Reyna outside the hospital in Lima, said “The former president made the decision to shoot himself.”

Odebrecht is blamed for dispensing nearly $800 million of bribe between 2001 and 2016 to get contracts from governments to build roads, bridges, dams and highways. Authorities have highlighted few other countries involved in the corruption case, including Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Argentina and Mozambique along with Peru.

Several politicians including Congressman Jorge Del Castillo, Mauricio Mulder and Ecuador’s former president Rafael Correa took to Twitter to pay tribute to Alan Garcia.

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