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Second Suspect Arrested in David Ortiz Shooting Investigation


In regards to the investigation of former Red Sox star David Ortiz’s shooting, the prosecutors in the Dominican Republic have arrested a second suspect on Tuesday, though no proofs convicting him for the shooting have been released publically.

The 43-year-old Dominican Republican resident, popularly known as Big Papi became a three times World Series champion and seven-time Silver Slugger winner. He  later took his retirement after his 2016 season.

Ortiz has established himself as one of the greatest designated hitters in his game. Despite the fame and love Ortiz received from the public, he was shot on June 9 around 8:50 p.m. local time at the Dial Bar and Lounge in East Santo Domingo.

The local authorities detailed that a man got off a motorcycle to attack Ortiz, while shooting him in the back. Along with Ortiz was a Dominican TV host, who was also injured in the leg during the shooting. They both were then rushed to the hospital where the doctors treated them on an urgent basis.

Post the shooting incident, the gathered crowd caught the driver named Eddy Vladimir Féliz Garcia off the motorcycle and hit him until the police arrived. The police then charged the 25-year-old for becoming an ally with the murderer in the targeted shooting of David Ortiz.

Féliz Garcia’s lawyer, Deivi Solano, appealed that his client was innocent, as he had no idea of whom he was picking up and what was about to happen when he would stop to take a fare.

“He’s a fan of David’s,” Solano added.

As per David Ortiz’s spokesperson, he underwent a six-hour operation performed by three local physicians at the Abel Gonzalez Clinic.

The shooting injured Ortiz’s various body parts, damaging his liver. Not only did the doctors remove a portion of his intestines and colon, but also his gallbladder. Post the essentially required treatment on the day of shooting; a medical flight later transferred him to Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston for a second surgery.

Police did not confirm the motives behind arresting the second suspect on Tuesday. Ortiz’s fans who had been worried about his health the whole time, believed that his haters might have hired killers for the shooting due to his growing popularity.

In the wake of the injuries caused by the shooting, David Ortiz is now recovering in the MGH. Though, the recent reports suggested that the player is “stable, awake, and resting comfortably” in the hospital, the real question here is concerned with the public safety. Will the prosecutors in Dominican Republic be able to bring light to the truth behind the shooting and prosecute the criminal? If not, then who is to be held responsible for such heinous crimes in the States?

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