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Trump Blindsides ICE, Announces Deportation of Illegal Immigrants


Prior to announcing his re-election bid, President Trump in a series of tweets claimed that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will be deporting millions of illegal immigrants starting next week. With this tweet, the President has confirmed that he does not think twice about the aftermath of his announcements or actions.

The mass deportation of the “millions” as suggested by the President will not only affect the life of the immigrants and their families, but also their communities. Such an action might augment the chances of separation of children’s from their families and not to mention the panic and fear such announcements strike in the hearts of people looking for better means to survive.

However, the authorities of the Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday claimed that the Department is not equipped with the resources to handle mass deportation of “millions of illegal immigrants” as Trump promised.

From the past couple of months, ICE is increasing their numbers in the branch, which overlooks the deportation of migrants, and is also planning to carry out mass deportation of undocumented immigrants.

According to the senior ICE officials, who have been taken aback by Trump’s announcement,  they have hinted that the agency would orchestrate raids aiming to arrest thousands of the migrants.

A month ago, The Washington Post reported that the White House asked the DHS to organize massive arrests and deport undocumented immigrants from the major cities. It is believed that the action even then would have triggered the arrest of as many as 10,000 illegal immigrants.

It is also speculated that such announcement led to the removal of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and then-acting ICE Director Ronald Vitiello as they objected to such massive arrests. Many in Trump administration believe that such stern actions will lead to decrease in the number of “undocumented migrants”.

According to the agencies, they are worried about the extent with which such massive arrests will backfire and the criticism they received when under the order of Trump administration, they tried separating migrant families at the border.

With 2020 elections nearing, it seems that the only way for Trump to revive his conservatives support is to not care about the issues that the families and children might face and deliver his promise of blocking illegal immigrants.

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