Migrant Children rescued

Migrant Children rescued from ‘Inhumane’ Detention facilities


While Trump and his administration continue to impose harsher immigration policies, the migrant children are the ones suffering the most. With policies imposing separation from families and responsible for improper and insufficient facilities and amenities at the detention centers, Trump administration has failed in every aspect of tackling immigration issues.

According to the reports, a Border Patrol Station in Clint, Texas held more than 300 children in an inhumane environment with lack of basic amenities like food, water and sanitation. The center came to light after some lawyers visited the facility and told US Rep. Veronica Escobar, D-El Paso about the migrant children and the conditions they were living in.

They told Escobar that older children are taking care of the infants and the toddlers in the detention facility. They also informed that while some have been locked inside the facility, around 15 of the children were sick with flu while another 10 had been placed in medical quarantine.

Following the news, Trump administration moved all except 30 of the children from the facility to a place near El-Paso. The migrant children will now be shifted to the shelter system of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) by Tuesday.

HHS department’s spokesperson Evelyn Stauffer in a statement on Monday said, “Last week ORR identified shelter space in its network for 249 (unaccompanied children) who were located at the CBP Clint Station facility—these children should now all be in HHS care as of Tuesday, June 25th.”

Rep. Escobar in a letter to the acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection John Sanders and border patrol chief Carla Provost asked, “How is it possible that you both were unaware of the inhumane conditions for children, especially tender-age children at the Clint Station?”

She also asked about the efforts taken to end “these humanitarian abuses” suffered by the migrant children in the detention facility. Last week, the Trump administration gave reasoning that in order to be in “safe and sanitary conditions” migrant children do not require toothbrushes, medicine and blankets.

While Trump and his administration continue to tackle the immigration issues with detention facilities having insufficient amenities, they are also continuously working on blindsiding the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, wasting the tax paid by the Americans.

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