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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Eagerly await Second Formal Wedding


One of the most famous American singers, songwriter, and actor Joe Jonas will be getting married to Game of Thrones’ star Sophie Turner pretty soon as the couple arrived at their wedding place at the Château de Tourreau in Sarrians, France on Thursday.

29-year-old Jonas is also a member of the pop rock band the Jonas Brothers, which has gained a huge fan following through their series. It also once hit the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US, making it one of the most popular bands.

Both Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner earlier got married in Las Vegas in May and this is would be a formal second marriage. The sources revealed that the couple had to get married in the States to make it legal.

Many of Turner and Jonas’ friends greeted them upon their arrival for their formal wedding, offering them wine and drinks. There were banners reading the couple’s wedding being draped from facade of the building.

Sophie, while holding a CELINE bag and wearing a light-colored shirt emblazoned with the words, “We Should All Be Feminists”, was spotted giving a loving hug to an unidentified woman. Similarly, Joe Jonas was seen wearing a black suit, with white shoes and shades throughout the greeting time.

Château de Tourreau that has been selected as the place of marriage by the couple is an 18th century castle available for rent, with presumably higher rates for wedding ceremonies. The place has 16 bathrooms and 16 bedrooms, a 25 x 10 meter mirror pool, a winery, a tennis court, and wide gardens with orchards as it stretches across 17 acres of land.

The couple has wisely chosen the place knowing the number of guests and their requirements. Since their arrival a week ago, they have been exploring France. Their fans spotted them outside the Hotel Costes with their friends on last Thursday.

Enjoying their time in France, both Jonas and Turner posted the same selfie of themselves in which they were seen standing on a bridge over the Seine River, in front of the Eiffel Tower. None other than Dr. Phil McGraw, an American television personality, also the host of the television show Dr. Phil. McGraw, knows the actual date of the wedding ceremony of the couple. This information was revealed when Dr. Phil commented on Turner’s post of the Eiffel Tower picture.

With the marriage date arriving soon, the fans of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are congratulating them, wishing for their prosperity

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