Texas plane crash

Texas Plane Crash: Seven identified as investigators recover voice recorder


The investigation of the Texas plane crash seems to have taken a new turn as the investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) have successfully recovered the voice recorder from the cockpit of the plane.

The crash took place at Addison Airport, Texas when the plane was due for a takeoff.

According to the airport spokesperson Ed Martelle, the incident occurred in a private plane during its takeoff. He said that during the takeoff, the plane swerved into a hangar of the airport killing all 10 passengers aboard. He also informed that the plan was bound for St. Petersburg in Florida from Addison.

As per the latest reports, seven victims of the Texas plane crash have been identified. The crash took the lives of a family of four, two pilots and four other passengers.

The family, which is said to be in ties with a prime Ranching operation in Texas, consisted of mother Ornella Ellard, stepfather Brian along and two children Alice Maritato, 15, and Dylan Maritato, 13. The same are said to be the owners of the plane that crashed.

58-year-old Steve Thelen and his wife Gina were also amongst the victims of the crash. One of the pilots has been identified as 27-year-old Matthew Palmer.

The names of the remaining three victims were not released by Monday. The NTSB investigators are hoping to have the preliminary conclusions about the crash in two weeks. However, the full and complete results of the investigation are not expected for up to 18 months, said vice-chairman Bruce Landsberg.

The investigators are looking for anything that might have been responsible for the Texas plane crash, including the training and experience of the pilots, weather conditions, air traffic control communications and the plane’s maintenance history.

The investigators also claimed that the twin-engine Beechcraft Super King Air 350 was unscathed before crashing into the hangar. The crash took place just four days prior to the Addison Kaboom Town! air and fireworks show, which is to be held on Wednesday.

While the show will still take place on the scheduled day, it will recognize the victims and the officers, who responded to the crash but unfortunately could not save anyone.

As the sudden plan crash into the hangar during the takeoff is quite disturbing, the investigators and the next of kin are waiting for the reports that might cast a cause for the Texas plane crash. With the incident being second plane crash since February a proper administration and regular check might help to curb such fateful incidents.

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