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86th Texas Legislative Session to Include Issues of Property Taxes and Public School Funding
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86th Texas Legislative Session to Include Issues of Property Taxes and Public School Funding

Texas Legislature

Marking 140th days of Texas state legislature is to discuss two major issues concerning the people of the state of Texas which is taxes and public school funding. The lawmakers have made their mind to find a solution to the ongoing issues related to both taxes and public school funding.

The session is to keep reformation of the public school system as one of Menendez’s many goals for the 86th session. As the issue represents a large number of the 988 bills that have been submitted so far, it has become a major concern needing immediate attention.

As expressed, Menendez’s main focus point is to investigate the public school system in order to allocate more funds to the system in the specific areas to level up the situation. Further the legislators will also focus on reducing property taxes.

In reforming public school finance, I think we also have to address the issue of property taxes,” Menendez said. “We do it right if we accomplish both things.”

Though, Sen. Menendez and freshman Rep. Steve Allison come from different parties they are to have similar is not same goals in this legislative session.

“I think there is a consensus with both Republicans and Democrats that education has to be a primary focus this session,” Allison said. “And that necessarily has to include teachers.”

Allison further expressed that though this will be his first session, he has collected a positive vibe over both parties being united for funding public education to boost salary of teachers.

“Quite different from Washington, (there’s a level of cooperation that’s) very good for our own district and state,” Allison said. “I think there is a lot of cohesiveness and corporation and I will do everything I can to maintain that.”

Both candidates are also looking forward to dealing with health issues. Where Allison is hoping to enhance facilities and awareness for women health and mental health in state, Menendez is dedicated on making medical marijuana legal in the state.

“I think we need to come out of the dark ages,” Menendez said. If the bill is passed to make medical marijuana legal then Texas would be the 34th state to join the clan.

“I’ve been told by some pain specialists if they sold cannabis products it could help curb the upload narcotic crisis,” Menendez said.

People of Texas are now looking forward to the legislative session which is to bring considerable changes in public school system and property taxes.

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