Trump's involvement in Yemeni War

US’ Support for Saudi in Yemeni War to End Soon

The US House of Representatives has approved a resolution that will force President Trump to withdraw American troops involved in Yemeni War. This is a direct rebuke to Trump’s alliance with the Saudi-led coalition. Yemen is undergoing a humanitarian crisis on a massive scale and lawmakers are feeling uneasy and uncomfortable with the US partnership […]

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Trump border wall

Trump Desperate to Build Border Wall, Prepared to Say Anything!

President Donald Trump is determined to build border wall between America and Mexico, even though support is dwindling every single day. As his supporters lessen, he is trying to convince people that there is no option. According to Trump, he has to have a border wall, in order to save America. Trump, after a disastrous […]

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Bill Clinton visits Nigeria

Bill Clinton Visits Atiku and Buhari to Ensure Peaceful Elections

Nigerians are feeling nervous. Their elections are up in another two days, and the focus is on maintaining peace in the nation. It is important for Africa, as a whole, to show the world that they can have free, fair and peaceful elections. Former American president Bill Clinton is visiting Nigeria to meet the main […]

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Pat Shanahan

Finding Peace with the Taliban – Pat Shanahan visits Afghanistan

Pentagon’s top official on Monday made his way to Afghanistan unannounced, to meet US Commanders and Afghan leaders for peace talks with the Taliban. The acting Secretary of Defense, Pat Shanahan, said he doesn’t have any order to reduce the US troop’s presence. Although officials say that is at the top of the Taliban’s demand […]

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presidential elections

Presidential Elections 2020: More Women Candidates than Ever, Huge Blow to Trump

Trump has angered millions of women, not just around the USA, but around the world. His comments about women, his disdain for them and the way he treats them, are all returning to haunt him, in the form of nominations for the presidential elections. So far, there are five female officeholders who are vying for […]

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