mike pompeo

How will Mike Pompeo’s comments affect US-North Korea Relations?

It’s been two weeks since the US and North Korea commenced on the path to end their grievances and look forward to resolve the denuclearisation issue. With this said, the recent development made news on Monday, when US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in an interview expressed his views on commencement of talks between the […]

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men in Beijing bikini

Chinese Population Upset over Beijing Bikini Ban, Calls it Unreasonable

The month of June brings along the real taste of summers in China, with the average temperatures rising above 30°C. Beijing bikini, which has now become a common outfit for the males in the Chinese societies, came into place due to the hot weather. The style being very common in the country has earned its […]

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Hong Kong protests

Will the Hong Kong Protests end before the territory is vandalized?

It’s been three weeks since the onset of the Hong Kong Protests and with each passing week, protests have continued to get worst. Be it the deaths of the protestors during the protests or the peaceful demonstrations changing into violent forms. Just when the protestors resorted to violence and vandalized the city’s legislature building by […]

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Is Kim Jong-un and Trump’s meeting an indication to Halt Nuclear Crisis?

Amid the wide controversies surrounding the US-North Korea relations and nuclear programs, President Donald Trump along with his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner visited North Korea to meet Kim Jong-un on Sunday. With this visit, Trump has become the first US president to step on the North Korean territory. Post attending the G-20 […]

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Hanoi Summit

Following the Failure of Hanoi Summit, North Korea Executes its own Officials

The news of the execution of four North Korean officials after the failure of Trump-Kim Hanoi Summit has emerged. Reportedly, the officials were accused of selling secret information to the US officials before the meeting between the leaders of both the countries took place. As per the “unverified” report from a Japanese news source, the […]

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