US Tax Refunds

Shrinking Tax Refunds to Shock Americans this Year

US citizens were in for a financial shock after they saw their tax refunds this year. Americans are using the hashtag #GOPTaxScam to express their anger. People are blaming the government, President Trump, and the Republicans for the shrinking tax returns. A bill was passed in December 2017, when the tax code was overhauled by […]

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Texas Unemployment Rate

Can Texas Unemployment Rate Continue to Remain Low in 2019?

As 2018 ended, another positive employment growth month was added in the Texas economy. 38,000 nonfarm positions were added in December. Texas unemployment rate has remained low since October 2018. In December, the annual employment growth was recorded 3.2 percent. In the last year, 391,800 jobs were added in Texas that made the Total Nonfarm […]

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US-China Trade Talks

US-China Trade War Enter Final Round of Talks

Trade negotiations between US-China mid-level officials seem to have taken a favorable turn. Officials from both the countries though have admitted progress, yet are unsure about the outcome, given the difference in approach and interests. Going by the media statements given by top Trump administration members, including undersecretary for trade and foreign agricultural affairs Ted […]

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US China Trade War-Trade Talks

US-China Trade Talks: Optimism Based On Broad Assumptions.

The strained diplomatic affair between US and China seemed to have reached far end, to bring both the countries on table for a constructive discussion around the ongoing trade US China trade war. As reported US and Chinese counterparts are to hold a set of discussions in Beijing on Monday. The meeting is a far […]

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Commerce Department

Partial government shutdown makes US commerce department withhold data

The Wall Street Journal, reported on Wednesday that the US Commerce Department will not circulate economic data during the current partial government shutdown. The partial government shutdown began early Saturday, after the Congress refused to accept President Donald Trump’s demands to fund the border wall. Trump wants $5 billion in funding to build a wall […]

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