Migrant Children rescued

Migrant Children rescued from ‘Inhumane’ Detention facilities

While Trump and his administration continue to impose harsher immigration policies, the migrant children are the ones suffering the most. With policies imposing separation from families and responsible for improper and insufficient facilities and amenities at the detention centers, Trump administration has failed in every aspect of tackling immigration issues. According to the reports, a […]

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illegal immigrants

Trump Blindsides ICE, Announces Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

Prior to announcing his re-election bid, President Trump in a series of tweets claimed that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will be deporting millions of illegal immigrants starting next week. With this tweet, the President has confirmed that he does not think twice about the aftermath of his announcements or actions. The mass deportation […]

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US Troops

Pentagon to Send 1000 Additional US Troops to Gulf of Oman

As tensions between the US and the Iran continue to escalate, the Pentagon on Monday announced that Patrick Shanahan, acting Defense Secretary, has authorized the sending of 1,000 US troops to the Middle East. The US accusation of Iranian attacks on foreign oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman heightened the need for deployment of […]

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Sarah Sanders

Sarah Sanders Leaves the White House with Legacy of Lies and Failure

Third woman in the US history to serve as the White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders is the second secretary to serve under Trump administration followed by Sean Spicer. Sanders, who ignorantly defended the President and lied to the reporters, is believed to leave the post at the end of June. Many believe that Sanders […]

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David Ortiz

Second Suspect Arrested in David Ortiz Shooting Investigation

In regards to the investigation of former Red Sox star David Ortiz’s shooting, the prosecutors in the Dominican Republic have arrested a second suspect on Tuesday, though no proofs convicting him for the shooting have been released publically. The 43-year-old Dominican Republican resident, popularly known as Big Papi became a three times World Series champion […]

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