Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum’s Desperate Attempt to Divert Attention from Trump Post Interview

Rick Santorum, former Republican Party Senator and abiding defender of Trump, has come forward, creating new controversy following the President’s interview with George Stephanopoulos. While the President has many supporters, Santorum can be called one of the blind supporters of the President and his administration. During the interview with Stephanopoulos on Wednesday, Trump admitted that […]

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Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi pushes for Imprisonment, as Democrats divide on Trump’s Impeachment

In response to the increased calls demanding President Trump’s impeachment, recently House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expressed her wish of seeing the President “in prison” during a meeting with the Democrat lawmakers. Throughout the debate, Pelosi’s views contradicted with the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, who had earlier forced the former to launch an inquiry […]

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Jerry Nadler

Though Not Charged, Trump is Still Not Exonerated: Rep. Jerry Nadler

Democratic Rep. and chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler, claimed on Wednesday that even though special counsel Robert Mueller did not press criminal charges he was successful in revealing that the President is lying. He also said that Mueller did “not exonerate” Trump on the charges of the obstruction of justice. “Given that […]

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Joe Biden

Joe Biden Mocked for his Claims of not Asking Obama to Endorse him

Joe Biden, former Vice President, has announced his campaign for 2020 Presidential Elections. His campaign was released on Thursday in a three minute video, where he was critical of Donald Trump, and showed himself as the perfect Presidential candidate to lead the country. However, as of now, former President Barack Obama has decided not to […]

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Mueller Report

Will the Release of Mueller Report Divide the Democrats?

The revised Mueller report incriminates President Trump in most areas; still it does not adversely affect him or his presidency, which might divide the Democrats instead. The declaration of the report has started the debate if Trump should resume the office of the President in 2020 or not. It will also create new challenges for […]

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