Power Outage

Power Outage on Election Day: Biggest Mishap in South American History

On Sunday, South American countries mainly Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay faced a complete power outage, leaving millions of people without electricity. The cause of the massive blackout remains unknown although it has been highly anticipated that it was a result of an “unprecedented” failure in the countries’ power grid. Argentina, which has the third-largest power […]

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Hanoi Summit

Following the Failure of Hanoi Summit, North Korea Executes its own Officials

The news of the execution of four North Korean officials after the failure of Trump-Kim Hanoi Summit has emerged. Reportedly, the officials were accused of selling secret information to the US officials before the meeting between the leaders of both the countries took place. As per the “unverified” report from a Japanese news source, the […]

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Alan Garcia

To Avoid Arrest, Former Peru President Alan Garcia Shoots Himself

Alan Garcia, former president of Peru, died after shooting himself on the head in his bedroom. The incident occurred when the police tried to detain him early Wednesday morning. He served as the president of the country from 1985 to 1990 and again from 2006 to 2011. Martin Vizcarra, current president of Peru, confirmed his […]

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Venezuela crisis

At Last Maduro Accepts Red Cross Aid, Blames US for Current Venezuela Crisis

To resolve the ongoing Venezuela crisis, President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday announced that he has made a deal with the Red Cross to bring humanitarian aid into the country. The aid, including food, medicine and basics amenities like soap and toilet paper, is finally being provided to the once self-sustaining country, in order to end […]

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Venezuelan crisis

Will Trump find Common Ground with Putin to Resolve Venezuelan Crisis?

President Donald Trump is ready to discuss the Venezuelan crisis with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as reported by Reuters. Seeing the adverse effects of the crisis on the people, it has become a matter of priority to find its resolution at the earliest. Trump told the reporters present at his estate in Florida, that “We […]

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