US supports postponing of Nigerian elections

US Government Supports Postponing of Nigerian Elections

Nigerian elections were due on 16 February; the citizens of the country were already tensed about their highly contested elections. Hours before the polls were due to open, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) postponed the elections for another week. The United States said they fully support INEC and their only wish is for free, […]

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US Troopis in Afghanistan

Trump to Withdraw US Troops from Afghanistan in a Coordinated Manner

While President Donald Trump made an announcement about the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan, but he had plan for action in his mind. His announcement, which took the form of a tweet, was met with horror, by many in his own party as well as people from around the world. Any withdrawal of […]

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Bill Clinton visits Nigeria

Bill Clinton Visits Atiku and Buhari to Ensure Peaceful Elections

Nigerians are feeling nervous. Their elections are up in another two days, and the focus is on maintaining peace in the nation. It is important for Africa, as a whole, to show the world that they can have free, fair and peaceful elections. Former American president Bill Clinton is visiting Nigeria to meet the main […]

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Nicolas Maduro

“Say No! to US interference” Nicolas Maduro Solicits for 10 Million Signatures

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro has announced his plan to fight against the United States’ interference in the internal affairs of his country by seeking ten million signatures to support his fight against any form of invasion or external interference. In a statement on his official Twitter handle, Maduro wrote “I thank people that came to […]

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