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How will Mike Pompeo’s comments affect US-North Korea Relations?
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How will Mike Pompeo’s comments affect US-North Korea Relations?

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It’s been two weeks since the US and North Korea commenced on the path to end their grievances and look forward to resolve the denuclearisation issue. With this said, the recent development made news on Monday, when US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in an interview expressed his views on commencement of talks between the two countries.

During the interview with a US radio show “The Sean Hannity Show”, Pompeo expressed a desire of both countries being “a little more creative” when they commence their bi-lateral talks.

North Korea and the United States had a road-block moment earlier in February after the failure of the Hanoi summit. However, with the efforts of South Korean President Moon Jae-in during the recent G20 summit, it seems that both countries can together reach a resolution to end their conflicts and commence their talks.

In the interview, Mike Pompeo said, “I hope the North Koreans will come to the table with ideas that they didn’t have the first time. We hope we can be a little more creative too.”

He further added, “The president’s mission hasn’t changed: to fully and finally denuclearize North Korea in a way that we can verify. That’s the mission set for these negotiations.”

Last month after the G20 summit, Donald Trump became the first sitting US President to enter North Korea and cross the DMZ, which was seen as a significant step in improving the relations between both the countries. The leaders then held talks in Panmunjom where it was speculated that soon the re-negotiation talks will begin.

The advice of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the US is believed to be the reason for the comments of Mike Pompeo. Xi asked President Trump for a lenient stance during the talks with North Korea.

Following Pompeo’s interview, North Korean media laid claims that the comments of the US Secretary of State indicate that the US is now willing to consider upon a temporary “nuclear freeze” agreement with North Korea.

On one hand the improving situation between the US and North Korea signifies towards friendlier relations, on the other hand it can be said that the two still have a lot to cover as they have different opinion over denuclearisation.

Yet, the comments of Mike Pompeo indicate a possibility of friendlier relations between both the nations, which would be important for maintaining peace in the Korean peninsula.



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