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Expected Iranian Missile Launch Escalates US Tensions amid Ongoing Conflicts
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Expected Iranian Missile Launch Escalates US Tensions amid Ongoing Conflicts

Iranian Missile Launch

The pertaining US-Iran conflicts have given rise to internal tensions and continued deterioration of diplomatic relations between both the nations. The tensions were seen to have been escalated with US’ withdrawal from nuclear deal in May 2018. Recently, the US government has claimed that they have a classified imagery that verifies Iranian missile launch for next week.

Since both US-Iran are countries with sufficient arms and active nuclear weapons, the threat for both the sides is equal. Against US’ claims that Iran was furthering its missile development, the Iranian officials have asserted that they have been preparing for a peaceful satellite into the orbit.

Earlier the US officials blamed Iran for not following the norms of the 2015 nuclear deal. It claimed that despite the existing laws, Tehran was continuously involved in production and stockpiling of enrich uranium in excess of authorised limits.

Furthermore, the barring of Iranian Missile launch programmes was not a part of the nuclear deal, which the analysts believe was one main reason for US’ withdrawal from the deal. They have argued that Iran’s upcoming rocket launch program utilises the same technology needed for an intercontinental ballistic missile, raising concerns that it might someday prove dangerous to the US.

The imagery received by the US officials is a clear depiction of Iranian missile launch activity with availability of vehicles and large shipping containers, which indicates towards the presence of a rocket in the Iranian spaceport complex. Tehran claimed that its rocket was not linked to the ballistic missile program, saying it was optimised for space launches and not for striking targets.

The US officials believe that the Iranians by improving the range and accuracy of all its missiles have been wanting to target the American troops in the region. They added that such an act would help them in capturing technologies as well as strengthen different military aspects that they have been dealing with amid the ongoing conflicts.

Similarly, the US has also deployed additional missile defence capabilities to the Middle East region with the help of MIM-104 Patriot, which is a surface-to-air missile system against Iranian threats. Although amid various threats are US’ claims of the Iranian missile launch true to its nature?

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