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Kabul bombing at a Wedding Ceremony became a Doomsday for Couple
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Kabul bombing at a Wedding Ceremony became a Doomsday for Couple

Kabul bombing

Terror and war in Afghanistan is years old. Despite the US’ continuous efforts to stabilise and democratise the entire country, families including children have continuously been dying at the hands of the terrorists. The recent Kabul bombing during a wedding is one of the greatest examples of terror that has affected the country.

The bombing during a wedding in Kabul’s Dubai City hotel that took place on August 17 has been linked to the Islamic State, who has also taken responsibility for the attack. They even issued an image of a young man with an assault rifle.

The extremist Sunni militia have described the bomber to be a Pakistani. They even claimed that Abu Asim was the one responsible for attacking a gathering of ­“rejecter polytheists”, which describes followers of ­Shiite Islam.

Over the years of conflict, Kabul bombing is considered to be the most devastating over the civilians. The attack took 63 lives and left 180 wounded. The hospitals were crowded with relatives and families waiting outside for the news of their loved ones’ safety.

The bombers’ targeting of a wedding function, which was attended by the children, women and families, is one of the worst that could have happened to the citizens. The brightly lit wedding ceremony, which saw huge gathering of people, dancing near the stage, soon became a death hall with broken furniture spattered with blood.

While witnessing the bomb explosion from the hotel’s flower shop, 24-year old Mohammed Naeem, who was also the owner of the hotel said, “When I reached the room, dead and wounded bodies were piled up.”

In a tweet on Sunday, one of the Taliban insurgents Sohail Shaheen, calling Kabul bombing a “brutal act”, denied his connections to the bombing. He condemned the entire killing act, bringing in hope for a better future through peace negotiations with the US.

As a measure to reach a peace deal, the US earlier decided to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. In the same context, US President Trump on Sunday commented, “We’re talking to Afghanistan. Both the government and we’re also talking to the Taliban, having very good discussions. We’ll see what happens. We’ve really got it down to probably 13,000 people, and we’ll be bringing it down a little bit more. And then we’ll decide whether or not we’ll be staying longer or not.”

In the past, it has been largely evident that Taliban has often attacked the military men and government officials, while the Islamic state has attacked many individuals and civilians in Kabul. Since Taliban has offered platform to many terrorists in Afghanistan, they cannot be exempted from the blame of the Kabul bombing. The entire wedding became a doomsday for the couple, who lost their family members in the suicide bombing attack.

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