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Will the Release of Mueller Report Divide the Democrats?
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Will the Release of Mueller Report Divide the Democrats?

Mueller Report

The revised Mueller report incriminates President Trump in most areas; still it does not adversely affect him or his presidency, which might divide the Democrats instead. The declaration of the report has started the debate if Trump should resume the office of the President in 2020 or not.

It will also create new challenges for the presidential candidates of the Democratic Party who have focused on far more challenging issues to attract the voters than the Mueller Report. Even though the report did not exonerate Trump, it also did not find him guilty.

While, Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is the first Democratic presidential candidate to ask for impeachment investigation based on Mueller report, other Democratic presidential candidates are treading lightly in regards with the issue.

“The severity of (Trump’s) misconduct demands that elected officials in both parties set aside political considerations and do their constitutional duty. That means the House should initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States,” Warren tweeted.

The Congressional leaders have not asked for impeachment as they are unwilling to initiate a biased process on the basis of the Mueller report in the House that has the Republicans in the majority. This means that it is in the hands of the voters to decide if Trump will continue as the President in 2020 or not.

One of the major challenges that the Democratic candidates face right now is, how to win the faith of the voters with their campaign messages to secure a win in the elections. At the same time, they want to incite the eagerness of Democratic activists who oppose Trump.

Chris Kofinis, a Democratic political strategist, said “For the core of the Democratic base, (the Mueller investigation) is insatiable red meat. For nonpartisan voters, it’s not clear how much they care anymore.”

“The reality is that being anti-Trump, no matter how justified, is not a winning strategy, because if it was, Hillary Clinton would have been elected,” he added.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York said that the welfare of family is what concerns the citizens and not the Mueller report. Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont during his campaign in Spartanburg, South Carolina, said that his focus is on the issues, like education and criminal justice reform which affect the masses.

The report made it clear that Trump and his campaign aides knew that the foreign intelligence would maneuver the 2016 Presidential Elections, still there were no efforts to report or stop it.

While Mueller in his report mentioned various instances in which Trump tried to sabotage the investigation, he did not mentioned if Trump committed the felony of obstruction of justice.

The report, however, clearly presented Trump as a man who seeing his presidency at risk, did everything he could to protect himself from the investigators determined to find truth about the Russian interference in 2016 presidential elections.

The only thing Mueller report has done till now is to create tensions between the Democratic activists and its party leaders. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer understand that impeaching Trump will not do any good and might help him in the 2020 elections.

The intra-party tensions in the Democratic Party between its activists and party leaders can adversely affect them in the upcoming elections. Different stance of various Democrats like Warren, Gillibrand, and Sanders on the impeachment of Trump might create a rift in the party, which the Republicans can take advantage of. Although the future effects of Mueller report on Trump in next the presidential elections cannot be predicted, it will be interesting to know how this report will be used in the next elections.

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