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Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló Refuses to Step Down despite Protests
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Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló Refuses to Step Down despite Protests

Ricardo Rosselló

Problems do not seem to end for Ricardo Rosselló, Governor of Puerto Rico, as the protestors continue to criticize him and ask for his resignation. Along with the protests, Rosselló is also beginning to receive criticism from various politicians including US President Donald Trump.

The roads in San Juan, capital city of Puerto Rico, are paved with protestors shouting the slogans of “Ricky resign!” as they continue to wave flags and play drums while protesting. The protests which have gripped the US incorporated territory are followed by the revelation of offensive text messages exchanged between the Governor and his inner circle on July 13.

The texts, which led to the mass protests against Governor Ricardo Rosselló, contained prejudiced and discriminating insults against political rivals and cultural figures. The messages also disclosed the exchange of jokes about the people who lost their lives due to Hurricane Maria that hit the island in September 2017.

Another main reason for the protests getting more critical is decision to not resign as per the public demands and continue as the Governor of the territory. During the protests, while claiming that he will not resign, Rosselló said, “I’ve seen the protests, I’ve heard the people talk, I’ve had a process of introspection. And I did, I made a decision, I’m not going to run, I’m not going to seek re-election. That way I can focus on the work at hand.”

As per the latest information, in order to scatter the protestors protesting for the resignation of Ricardo Rosselló, Police in San Juan employed tear gas to scatter the protestors. The law authorities began to scatter the protests present on the streets of the old city of San Juan at 11 pm last night.

Not only Trump, but Democratic hopeful and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “Governor Rosselló has exhibited a pattern of sexist, homophobic and entirely inappropriate behavior. While Puerto Ricans attempt to heal from Hurricane María, he mocks victims for a cheap laugh. Governor Rosselló should resign immediately.”

Celebrities like Ricky Martin and “Despacito” singer Daddy Yankee were also present amidst the protestors as they protested outside the official residence of the Governor, also known as “The Fortress”.

While Ricardo Rosselló has asked Puerto Ricans for another chance, such behaviour from the leader of a territory is not expected. Also, since the protestors are not wrong with their demands and in order to prevent any adverse effects on the economy of Puerto Rico, Rosselló’s resignation seems the only way out.



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