Belt Road Initiative

China’s Belt Road Initiative Gains Acceptance from Italy

During his recent visit to Europe, Chinese President Xi Jinping signed a billion dollar deal with France along with Beijing’s Belt Road Initiative (BRI) with Italy. The trip was meant to be of “historic importance” by the Chinese media as the aim was to strengthen Beijing’s ties within the European region. One Belt One Road […]

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US tariff increase

Trump: Delay in Tariff Increase on Chinese Goods due to ‘substantial progress’

In an announcement, Donald Trump said his plan to hold up the tariff increase on products shipped from China to the US. This brief came in the form of a Twitter post, citing “substantial progress” in trade between the two countries. Prior to this, Trump had threatened the tariffs from 10 percent to 25 percent […]

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific Withdraws from China amidst Human Rights Abuses Speculations

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. based in Waltham Massachusetts has withdrawn from their business dealings in China. Thermo Fisher Scientific supplied service genetic sequencers which may have been used to identify certain individuals in Xinjiang, enabling human rights abusers. There are approximately one million Muslim minorities detained in political education camps in Xinjiang. The camps are […]

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Venezuelan Crisis

Venezuelan Crisis: Steer Clear, Russia Warns USA

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro is currently enjoying the backing of Russia in the midst of its leadership divide. Russia had earlier warned the US—one of the countries supporting opposition leader Juan Guaido in Venezuela—to steer away from the ongoing Venezuelan crisis. Russia fears that this could end badly if the US decides to intervene in […]

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