US Troopis in Afghanistan

Trump to Withdraw US Troops from Afghanistan in a Coordinated Manner

While President Donald Trump made an announcement about the withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan, but he had plan for action in his mind. His announcement, which took the form of a tweet, was met with horror, by many in his own party as well as people from around the world. Any withdrawal of […]

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US Tax Refunds

Shrinking Tax Refunds to Shock Americans this Year

US citizens were in for a financial shock after they saw their tax refunds this year. Americans are using the hashtag #GOPTaxScam to express their anger. People are blaming the government, President Trump, and the Republicans for the shrinking tax returns. A bill was passed in December 2017, when the tax code was overhauled by […]

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Trump's involvement in Yemeni War

US’ Support for Saudi in Yemeni War to End Soon

The US House of Representatives has approved a resolution that will force President Trump to withdraw American troops involved in Yemeni War. This is a direct rebuke to Trump’s alliance with the Saudi-led coalition. Yemen is undergoing a humanitarian crisis on a massive scale and lawmakers are feeling uneasy and uncomfortable with the US partnership […]

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