illegal immigrants

Trump Blindsides ICE, Announces Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

Prior to announcing his re-election bid, President Trump in a series of tweets claimed that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will be deporting millions of illegal immigrants starting next week. With this tweet, the President has confirmed that he does not think twice about the aftermath of his announcements or actions. The mass deportation […]

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Sarah Sanders

Sarah Sanders Leaves the White House with Legacy of Lies and Failure

Third woman in the US history to serve as the White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders is the second secretary to serve under Trump administration followed by Sean Spicer. Sanders, who ignorantly defended the President and lied to the reporters, is believed to leave the post at the end of June. Many believe that Sanders […]

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Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum’s Desperate Attempt to Divert Attention from Trump Post Interview

Rick Santorum, former Republican Party Senator and abiding defender of Trump, has come forward, creating new controversy following the President’s interview with George Stephanopoulos. While the President has many supporters, Santorum can be called one of the blind supporters of the President and his administration. During the interview with Stephanopoulos on Wednesday, Trump admitted that […]

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Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi pushes for Imprisonment, as Democrats divide on Trump’s Impeachment

In response to the increased calls demanding President Trump’s impeachment, recently House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expressed her wish of seeing the President “in prison” during a meeting with the Democrat lawmakers. Throughout the debate, Pelosi’s views contradicted with the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, who had earlier forced the former to launch an inquiry […]

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Ilhan Omar

Trump Takes a Dig at Pelosi over her Support for Ilhan Omar

Following Ilhan Omar’s speech in regards with the 9/11 attack, President Trump has found a new target. After speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spoke in the defense of the Democratic Party and Omar, Trump criticized her. Omar gave the disputable speech at the Council on American-Islamic Relations in March, saying that the Muslims were […]

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