Venezuela crisis

At Last Maduro Accepts Red Cross Aid, Blames US for Current Venezuela Crisis

To resolve the ongoing Venezuela crisis, President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday announced that he has made a deal with the Red Cross to bring humanitarian aid into the country. The aid, including food, medicine and basics amenities like soap and toilet paper, is finally being provided to the once self-sustaining country, in order to end […]

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Venezuelan crisis

Will Trump find Common Ground with Putin to Resolve Venezuelan Crisis?

President Donald Trump is ready to discuss the Venezuelan crisis with Russian President Vladimir Putin, as reported by Reuters. Seeing the adverse effects of the crisis on the people, it has become a matter of priority to find its resolution at the earliest. Trump told the reporters present at his estate in Florida, that “We […]

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Nicolas Maduro

“Say No! to US interference” Nicolas Maduro Solicits for 10 Million Signatures

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro has announced his plan to fight against the United States’ interference in the internal affairs of his country by seeking ten million signatures to support his fight against any form of invasion or external interference. In a statement on his official Twitter handle, Maduro wrote “I thank people that came to […]

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Venezuelan Crisis

Venezuelan Crisis: Steer Clear, Russia Warns USA

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro is currently enjoying the backing of Russia in the midst of its leadership divide. Russia had earlier warned the US—one of the countries supporting opposition leader Juan Guaido in Venezuela—to steer away from the ongoing Venezuelan crisis. Russia fears that this could end badly if the US decides to intervene in […]

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