Ilhan Omar

Trump Takes a Dig at Pelosi over her Support for Ilhan Omar

Following Ilhan Omar’s speech in regards with the 9/11 attack, President Trump has found a new target. After speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi spoke in the defense of the Democratic Party and Omar, Trump criticized her. Omar gave the disputable speech at the Council on American-Islamic Relations in March, saying that the Muslims were […]

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Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Says Medicare for All is Not an Option

If there is one thing that Americans are sensitive about, it is their healthcare and how they manage their health insurance. Democratic senator Kamala Harris may have just put her foot in it when talking about ‘Medicare for All’. The plan is being sponsored by Kamala Harris and Bernie Sandra together. When asked by CNN […]

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kamala harris

Kamala Harris Announces her Candidacy for Presidential Elections 2020

The California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris on Monday announced her presidential campaign for 2020. “I am running for president of the United States,” she said on ABC’s Good Morning America. “And I’m very excited about it.” Shortly after her appearance at the show, her campaign was released on social media. “Justice. Decency. Equality. Freedom. Democracy. […]

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