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UN Security Council to Hold Close Consultations over India’s Article 370
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UN Security Council to Hold Close Consultations over India’s Article 370

UN Security Council

Article 370’s revocation in India’s Jammu and Kashmir state has brought huge criticism from its neighbouring countries that have been appealing the UN Security Council to help the Kashmiris. With the cancellation of this article, Jammu and Kashmir no longer has its separate autonomy and constitution that they have been enjoying from decades.

Backed by China, India’s neighbouring Pakistan has been continuously raising its voices, demanding discussion and close consultations over the Kashmir matter from the UN Security Council. China, a major supporter of Pakistan, has been requesting the council in reference to the Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s letter to the Security Council President to talk about “India Pakistan Question”.

The UN Security Council’s meet on Friday to discuss about Jammu and Kashmir will be the first in decades.

Earlier, the Security Council was involved in India and Pakistan’s matter in 1971, where it acted as a peace mediator between the two nations over Kashmir dispute. The two countries signed the Simla Agreement in 1972 to define the Line of Control in Kashmir. Despite the pact, there have been continuous cases of cease-fire near the LOC that have led to thousands of deaths till now.

The Indian government’s recent move of revoking Article 370 has largely been condemned by Pakistan. Against Pakistani media’s claim that the UNSC would discuss about the Jammu and Kashmir situation, behind the closed doors became an act of criticism by the analysts, who believed that such consultations would be an unfair way to resolve the crisis especially for the citizens who have been suffering.

While Pakistan considers it a landmark achievement by involving the UN Security Council in the Kashmir issue, the Indian government has been doing what they believe should have been done a long time back, calling the entire Kashmir issue an internal matter. Meanwhile, two other council members, the US and Russia have come in support of India.

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