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Wang Yi and Mike Pompeo Clash over Resumed China-US Talks
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Wang Yi and Mike Pompeo Clash over Resumed China-US Talks

Wang Yi

According to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a sidelined meeting with him claimed that the US has no desire to contain China and is eager to see “smooth progress” in the on-going negotiations to resolve the trade war.

During his interaction with media in Bangkok, the Chinese foreign minister said, “With regards to the recent problems and disturbance to people-to-people exchanges, Pompeo said very clearly that the US welcomes and supports the flow of people between the two countries.”

He further claimed that the US Secretary of State, “made it very clear that neither [US President Donald] Trump nor the US administration has the intention to contain China’s development”, but did “hope to see smooth progress in the Sino-US trade talks.”

However, according to the China’s official news agency Xinhua, Wang Yi made it clear to Pompeo that any efforts made to restrict or obstruct China’s development are unwarranted.

The Chinese media said that the foreign minister during the meet “has also made clear China’s positions on the South China Sea, Xinjiang and Hong Kong and urged the US side to choose its words to respect the core interests and major concerns of the Chinese side.”

On the other hand, Pompeo, earlier on Thursday, slammed China for its activities in Asian region. Pompeo in a bold approach also slammed the use of force by Chinese authorities against Southeast Asian neighbours in disputes over the South China Sea.

After his meet with the Chinese foreign minister, he further added that both the countries desire to improve the relations and resolve the various issues like trade war, US sanctions on Huawei and Taiwan and the busy South China Sea waterway.

Later in the day, Wang Yi retaliated against the 10 percent tariffs imposed on the remaining goods of worth $300 billion and claimed that the tariffs imposed are not encouraging and pose threat to the efforts made towards resolving the trade dispute between the two countries.

Although both the officials have a different say on their meeting, the current employed methods of US might indicate that US is trying to undermine China. This will not only further worsen the already deteriorated US-China relations, but also adversely affect the global market.

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