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Will the Hong Kong Protests end before the territory is vandalized?
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Will the Hong Kong Protests end before the territory is vandalized?

Hong Kong protests

It’s been three weeks since the onset of the Hong Kong Protests and with each passing week, protests have continued to get worst. Be it the deaths of the protestors during the protests or the peaceful demonstrations changing into violent forms.

Just when the protestors resorted to violence and vandalized the city’s legislature building by breaking glasses, and painting the symbols and pillars of the building with graffiti, the whole city got divided over opinions. The division is said to be because of the difference in opinions on whether the action taken by the protestors is too extreme or just a warning about the imminent surge of violence in the protests.

Hong Kong Protests began when Carrie Lam, executive chief of Hong Kong, decided to introduce the controversial extradition bill, inviting millions of protestors on to road in pursuit to save the democracy.

The government tried to calm the protestors with lies by suspending the extradition bill and releasing activist and co-founder of Demosisto Party Joshua Wong.

However, the protestors were able to see clearly through the white lies of Lam and Pro-Beijing supporters and asked her to annul the bill and resign from the post of the Chief Executive. The on-going Hong Kong protests and the deferral of the extradition bill have been a source of disgrace for Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

This prompted the Chinese government and Xi to avoid any questions related to the Hong Kong Protests during the G20 Summit held at Osaka in Japan. The protests continued even on the 22nd anniversary of the Handover, as Lam criticized the protests and denied the calls to terminate the extradition bill.

While the pro-democracy and pro-Beijing supporters refused to take any responsibility for the protestors resorting to violence and shifted the blame on Lam, activist Joshua Wong came forward in the support of the demonstrators.

In an indirect warning to end the Hong Kong protests, an army-centred newspaper of China published photos that are considered a week old. The photos are believed to be the warning to Beijing critics to end the protests and the participation in it.

With the continuous protests, the status of Hong Kong as financial hub is also under threat as many believe that when the protests end, many of the industries would want to leave the territory or shift their headquarters at least.

While the Hong Kong protests are yet to be resolved, involvement of foreign independent government might assist in ending the protests to let the territory continue with its efficient and orderliness, before the protests or the measures to curb the protests wreak havoc on the territory and its citizens.

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